BCWA | Wine Industry Advisory Committee
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Wine Industry Advisory Committee

The BCWA maintains a Wine Industry Advisory Committee representing wineries of different sizes, and different regions, reflecting the diversity in wineries and wine production. The members of the WIAC are voted on by our members at the BCWA annual general meeting. All voting members are entitled to vote for one of the groups to which that member belongs.


This Committee determines a slate of independent directors for our board, acts as a liaison between the province’s wine industry and our Board of Directors, and recommends amendments to the Regulation.

2022-2023 Wine Industry Advisory Committee (WIAC)



Okanagan & Similkameen Valleys (GI or Small-under 250 tons):
Kathy Malone, Hillside Winery
PH: 250-493-6274 ext: 112
[email protected]




Alison Moyes, Solvero Winery
PH: 250-487-9891
[email protected]



Large Wineries (over 1,250 tons):
Derek Kontkanen, Arterra Wines Canada
PH: 250-276-7524
[email protected]


Mid-Sized Wineries (250 to 1,250 tons):
Michael Alexander, Summerhill Winery
PH: 250-764-8000 ext: 222
[email protected]


Fraser Valley & Other (=GI or Sm. under-250 tons):
Galen Barnhardt, Monte Creek Ranch Winery
PH: 250-572-5676
[email protected]


Vancouver & Gulf Islands

Dan Wright, Unsworth Vineyards & Winery
PH: 778-584-3050
[email protected]

#3, 7519 Prairie Valley Road Summerland BC V0H 1Z4
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