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Wine Labels

The British Columbia Wine Authority  works diligently to ensure accuracy in labelling, ensuring that consumers feel confident in their purchase of quality BC wines; look for these items on wine bottle labels: the BC VQA symbol, and a geographic or sub-geographic indicator, indicating the grape growing area.


Wines made from 100 percent BC grapes are submitted to the Wine Authority by participating wineries for a sensory evaluation to determine if the wine meets BC VQA requirements. Assessments are conducted by taste panels comprised of trained taste assessors from the public, who assess each wine by smell and taste to ensure the wines are free from those potential faults specified in the Regulation. Our panels assessed more than 2,050 BC wines in 2021.


Wines that are free from specified faults and meet other requirements and technical specifications set out in the Regulation are then permitted to utilize the BC VQA appellation on their labels. This also permits them to use certain other regulated terms, including geographical indicators. The BCWA also performs audits on participating wineries and their BC grape suppliers, as well as inspections of retail outlets and non-member wineries, to ensure that the wine standards and other requirements of the Regulation are being complied with.

Labelling Guide

Labelling Guide Examples

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