Steve Schnepf

BCWA Inspector

Profile: Steve Schnepf has been an inspector for the BCWA for the past 2 years.

Career Journey: Prior to that being a BCWA inspector, he moved to Kelowna in 2006 and began working at KF Aerospace, a highly regulated industry, where he implemented and managed their Transport Canada mandated Risk Management System. With 15 years of experience as a professional firefighter in Ontario, Steve’s time at KF exposed him to regulators on all three levels of government and auditors in the private, public, and military sectors across Canada and abroad. Steve has coached youth sports, especially football, for over 30 years, and even took up coaching again recently when his grandson asked him to help out.

Personal Life: Steve and his wife raised their three children in Ontario, but they have since relocated westward. They now devote their time to their four grandsons and indulge in hobbies like skiing, snowboarding, cycling, and touring the beautiful province of British Columbia.