Lorrie Zander

BC VQA Coordinator

Profile: Lorrie Zander, an esteemed figure in the wine industry, has been at the forefront of wine quality and regulation since 1999. With a career spanning over two decades, Lorrie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as the BC VQA Coordinator for the British Columbia Wine Authority (BCWA).

Career Journey: Lorrie’s journey in the wine sector began in December 1999. Her pivotal role commenced in 2008 with the establishment of the BCWA following the introduction of the “Wines of Marked Quality Regulation.” As the BC VQA Coordinator, Lorrie’s responsibilities are extensive and critical. She oversees the BC VQA program, managing sensory panels, label and lab analysis approvals, and training and refresher courses for assessors. Her expertise is not limited to  sensory testing; Lorrie is also an authority on labelling regulations and the intricacies of the Regulation.

Expertise and Accomplishments: Lorrie’s skills in laboratory certifications under the Regulation are unparalleled, and she is the go-to expert for VI-1 and Certificates of Origin concerning international shipping. Her proficiency extends to the management of the Icewine program and registration. Lorrie has facilitated over 16 BC VQA Assessor sensory training workshops and refresher courses in collaboration with the Pacific Agra-Food Research Center. She has completed advanced sensory courses focusing on positive wine attributes and fault recognition, alongside achieving WSET Level III certification.

Educational Background: Lorrie’s educational journey includes certifications as a Legal Assistant and an Education Assistant. Her earlier career in the Calgary mining sector, marked by successfully completing geosciences courses, has enriched her perspective and approach to the wine industry.

Personal Life: A native of Summerland, Lorrie’s deep connection to her hometown and her family – her most cherished aspect of life – profoundly influences her work. Her love for the outdoors, dragon boating, and, naturally, a profound appreciation for BC wine shape her personal interests.

Vision and Impact: Lorrie Zander is a beacon of knowledge and leadership in the BC wine industry. Her extensive experience and passion for wine quality and regulation are pivotal in driving BCWA’s vision and operations forward.