Why Join Us

BCWA Membership


  • Do you own a winery or are thinking of starting one?
  • Do you have your winery license?
  • Do you have a vineyard or purchase 100% BC grown wine grapes?
  • Would you like to use one of the 10 Provincially registered GI’s on your wine label? Such as; British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Okanagan Valley, Similkameen Valley, Lillooet? (see Wine Regions for a full list)
  • Would you like to use one of the 12 Provincially registered Sub-GI’s on your wine label? Such as; Naramata Bench, Golden Mile Bench, Summerland Valleys, Cowichan Valley? (see Wine Regions for a full list)
  • Would you like to be a dynamic partner in the world recognized program, BC VQA? Through which British Columbia has been and continues to grow as a world recognized wine region!

Then the following may be of assistance to you!

Benefits of Membership


1) First, YOU become a critical, necessary and dynamic partner in the world recognized program – BC VQA.
2) Second, YOU become part of a system that ensures wines of British Columbia are consumer recognized to be fault free, meeting an important high standard.
3) YOU become a valuable voting member on important industry issues through Plebiscites (changes to the Regulation) and for whom your Wine Industry Advisory
Committee (WIAC) member will be, along with other important issues at the BCWA AGM
4) YOU have a continued say in the policies, standards and practices for the Wines of Marked Quality program (BCWA) and amendments to the Wines of Marked Quality Regulation (WMQR).
6) YOU may be able to work with your WIAC member, to create your own area “Terrior” otherwise known as geographical indicator or sub-geographical indicator.
7) YOU may submit your wine for a wine certificate, either as BC VQA (subject to a fault sensory panel) or BC Wine of Distinction (depending on the wine’s laboratory analysis).
8) YOU can use one of the 10 Provincially registered geographical indicators, depending on your qualification and designation level (sections 51-58 of the WMQR, otherwise the product may only display “Product of Canada”)
9) YOU may use other special terms that are also regulated under the WMQR. A couple are, the use of the name of the vineyard grown in a geographical indicator or Icewine; Late Harvest; Meritage; Sparkling Wine, Frizzante. There are a number of other terms that are restricted for BCWA member’s wines if they qualify.
10) You will have access to our “Members Only” section of our website, which includes forms, newsletters & alerts and other information.

Requirements of Membership


To be a registered Practice Standards Holder with the BCWA you must:
1) Be a licensed winery under the ‘Liquor Control and Licensing Act”
2) Provide the BCWA with address and contact information
3) Maintain records and agree to inspections
4) Meets all applicable wine production standards
5) Pay fees as set out in section 18 of the WMQR

How to Become a Member


Membership is easy! Just provide, or complete the following:
1) A copy of your Winery License.
2) BCWA Practice Standards Application
2) BCWA Wine Grape Grower Registration
3) BCWA Consent of Disclosure of Information form
To obtain the BCWA forms, or for complete details please CONTACT US.
By Phone:
Phone: 250-494-8896
Toll Free: 1-877-499-2872
By Email:
General Info: [email protected]
Membership Coordinator,
Tammey Hodgins: [email protected]

We will be happy to assist you!