BCWA | Wine Regions of BC
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Wine Regions of BC

The province of British Columbia is home to a number of grape growing regions, producing a wide range of wine styles. Explore each of the regions by clicking the maps below. As more sub-geographical indications (sub-GIs) are identified, they will be noted here.


Geographical indications on wine labels indicate the area where the grapes were sourced, and not the physical location of the winery. For example, a winery in the Fraser Valley may have “Okanagan Valley” on a label if the grapes came from an Okanagan Valley vineyard.   A Sub-GI must always be used with the main GI (other than British Columbia)  More information on labels can be found here.


British Columbia is the main Geographical Indicator (GI) under the Regulation and can only to be used on certified BC Wines.

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